Friday, February 05, 2010

From much before and for ever after

Irene blazed her wordy guns at Iyer’s accent

Iyer disdained to reply

He looked away and sniffed at the air

Asked, ‘Where is my thair sadam?’

The smile that lit Irene’s face

Equivalent to a thousand candles it was

She stopped, looked at him and

Decided to end the battle as it were

‘That my love, you’ll have to make

For yourself’, said she.

‘I intend to have my whisky first’

In married life continues Iyer and Irene's saga


Spikedelik said...

Come on Iyer & Irene, you guys can always settle for "Oru Whisky, Oru Thayir Saadam!"

mr bojangles said...

Google says did you mean Thai Saddam?

but what's Oru? little kya??