Sunday, January 03, 2010

Iyer & Irene

Iyer and Irene

The names matched

The personalities didn’t

Yet they had an intangible something that held them together

From his veshti to her sleeveless dresses

From his temple to her church

The smiles on their faces

Made most hearts melt

One wondered how it had happened

Where the story lay

It had begun many monsoons ago

A stalled car. Rain pouring down in sheets.

A smile did it all.

Title credits to Ravi Sivaraman


Ravages/CC said...

Funny that.
I swear this is truth - my father's immediately elder brother - C. Venkatraman Iyer, married a Danish woman called Irene. So yeah, Iyer and Irene.

Perippa (father's brother) would sometimes shorten his name to C.V Raman.


mr bojangles said...

mmmm. it's very warm and glowy-glowy. must be your state of mind. :-)