Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 3 - Mahabalipuram

Got up at 5.45 am to catch the sunrise but still managed to miss it. Walked to the beach and the sun was about a quarter in the sky.

Watched sand crabs shovel sand out of their homes and got some Vitamin D in the bargain

Went back and caught up on my sleep. My overcharged taxi was ready at 9.00 am. I was visiting two places – Tiger’s Cave and the Crocodile Park. Went to the latter first. Scairreee place that was. Well not really scary in the true sense of the term but they looked extremely dangerous even when basking in the sun. Reptiles are very strange looking creatures – have come to the profound conclusion.

Spent about an hour there and went backwards to the Tiger’s Cave. Immensely peaceful, awe inspiring and bootiful this was. My driver, Kutty Anna told me he had seen the sculptures since he was 10 years old and he was now 35. I would wager that the sculptures are older than that though. I sat under a shade of a tree and read. The sea sent a cool breeze my way. I even watched a caterpillar make its wayward path towards me – my green tee I think attracted it.

Had lunch at Luna Magica. I sat completely alone in this roof top restaurant, read my Robert Ludlum, ate my fish curry and drank my beer in peace. Longest lunch I have taken and they overcharged me here too! Harumph!!

Went to the beach and got my feet wet. Bargained with the shopkeeper for these wooden toys my amma brings out at Navratri time- didn’t buy it in the end. Supper consists of French onion (hhmph) soup and toast. Am sort of making it up for my overspending. Tomorrow morning, I am setting off at around 6 am for Pondi. Auroville awaits.

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dharmabum said...

they do tend to overcharge, on account of there being lots of firang visitors.