Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 1 - Chennai

Chennai passed by in a blur. Views from the airport taxi- lovers under the arch of a railway bridge. Chaotic traffic and in construction flyovers – much the same as any city. It’s a city that’s developing and it shows. The girl peeking from the next rickshaw and me smiling at her (probably scared her away)

The nice people who looked after me in Chennai – a friend’s wife N and her roomie S. N who is originally from Jaipur has been in Chennai for over two years now. She has a charming South Indian lilt to her English – very endearing eet ees.

Went for dinner to Giorgio – the global cuisine restaurant in Adyar near Besant Nagar Beach. North Eastern waiters – the one who served us had this funny dumb grin on his face and of course could not understand us! We literally ended up having a candle light dinner after the lights went out a couple of times.

Dinner and IPL conversation finished, we went for a walk near the Besant Nagar beach. The sea air was invigorating and the road reminded me of Carter Road due to the sea and the road blocks of course. Went home with the ‘lovely’ rick driver messing with his cell phone. There then proceeded a song called ‘Smile baby, smile baby’ or some such thing which emanated from his fone :)

Reached home safe and sound. Watched IPL – Royal Challengers lost yet again, discussed IPL and its myriad politics and hit bed soon after.

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