Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 2 - Mahabalipuram

Got up bright and early at 6.00 am. Guess why? The bleeding cuckoo woke me up! Can you believe it? Had an interrupted sleep after that - with the ‘nice’ watchmen yelling near the window at 6.45ish for a good 10-15 minutes.

N and I departed at the same time to catch the ECR (East Coast Road) bus. I left N with a bye and entered the crowded bus proceeding towards Mahabalipuram. I was so enamoured of what was happening that I overshot my stop. The bus was merrily heading towards Pondicherry when I realized what had happened. Everyone was very nice and helpful. They guided me towards the next bus stop – Markanam – where I was centre of attraction for a small period of time with my backpack etal.

Am I glad I know the language or what! Cheers to knowing Tamil :) Got down at the right stop this time with a nice lady’s help. The place where I stayed was very nice – Siva Guest House off Ottuvadai Road.

Took a long shower and set off. Wore my comfortable Fab India pants. Just can’t bear the thought of wearing jeans in this weather. I walked from 10.45ish to 1.00 pm. The heat was crazy and I mean crazy ass! I could feel my sun block wilting under the heat. My face was turning the same colour as tomatoes.

Went to the Shore Temple – such a disappointment that was. The sea is so uncaring. She has eroded as much she possibly could. The weather and sun beaten faces of the sculptures have been erased. I think the sea would call it WIP (work in progress). Forward march to the Five Rathas and Arjuna’s Penance to found it invaded by hordes of tourists. It was a holiday; everyone and I mean everyone seemed to be there. I think I missed out some parts and thought I would catch up maybe in the evening but that never happened. Promised myself would watch the sunset today :)

Luncheon - prawns have been consumed much to my stomach’s satisfaction. Siesta finished I went to grab a cup of tea. Have booked a taxi for the next day to go towards Tiger’s Cave and the Crocodile Bank. Am paying 400 bucks – they fleeced me but I was being safer than sorrier. Drank way too milky chai and watched a phirangi dance to the nagaswaram music coming from the loudspeakers nearby.

Watched the sunset behind me :P – a tad bit of misjudgement but this meant a wonderful sunrise tomorrow morning. Dinner at Moonrakers – fish curry with rice. Fish was yummy as hell. Contemplated pancakes for dessert. Ordered and as you can see for yourself, not a good thing to do. I literally got a dosa with banana inside

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