Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movie count

Dharam VeerImage from WikipediaMunich - Good watch and believable historical fiction. Read more on the real life story here

Don't Move - Strange Italian movie starring Penelope Cruz and Sergio Castellitto - more here

Dharam Veer - coool retro Hindi flick with Dharmendra and Jeetu bhai. Fundoo eet ees with the hair, wigs, Rajmata, banjaras, Ranjit being villainous, Pran and his white horse doing that 15 feet jump - wahwah....

Shoot 'Em Up- Clive Owen n Monica Belluci starrer..total wot eet ees film. Paisa vasool eet ees. Shooting(s) galore, punchlines one after the other and oh yes the sex scene does take the cake. U r like wtf when u r watching eet!

Persepolis - animated French film set in Iran and an autobiographical one at that. History, identity, culture well explored. Lovely animation as well. Read more about this one here

No Country for Old Men- Bleak and bootiful. Love the dark humour in it. Brilliant performance by Javier Bardem - insane he is in this.

Juno- Ellen Paige is super in this. Lovely dialogues - must watch.

Jab We Met - Good performances. Enjoyed a Hindi movie which was actually nice and not shait!

The Abyss - Starring Ed Harris and chik with long hair. Wikipedia informs me that it is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Geez, I actually recall thinking that it must have been her. Crazy ass sci-fi movie. One watches this with suspended disbelief. My mom was watching along with me and she was like asking me existential questions like what is happening, who is this etc...I answerd to the best of my abilities :)

Finally removed 'Lost in Translation' frm the dabba. Almost watched 'Michael Clayton', 'The Ant Bully' and 'The Devil Wears Prada'. Left to watch 'Across the Universe' - which has fundoo soundtrack.

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