Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Je departe

Down the StepsImage by jimfrazier via FlickrI have got a new job guys. Thanks for all the hand holding and support I have got. Anyone wants details - email me :D I shall be glad to tell you more. Today is my last day at my current company. This feels strange and good at the same time. I am aware that I am going to get a surprise farewell party. Of course I know by now so therefore it is not a surprise :O I am getting profounder by the minute it looks like.

Anyways, it has been a good two years in the company and I have made fab ass friends. Bogh always tells me not to use too colloquial words :) But theek hai - aaj last swan song hai atleast is jagah mein so haq bantha hai humara I reckon.

I am leaving for my S. Indian trip tmmrw. So intensely excited, apprehensive at the same time. Waheee I feel. I got up this morning at 7.00 am thinking only about the trip and the hazaar things I had to do before I go for it. I have bought deo (nice smelling one) and the bleeping avaaz making thing with me to protect myself against attackers :D

Let's see how the trip goes. I thought I should do a final posting before je departe :) Oh I will b posting on SMS so by all means join my group if you are not already a member - here for joining.


sheece said...

when did i tell?

Kits said...

Years ago, when we did a serious discussion about writing on blogs and how it sometimes needs to be a serious affair. Pls note I said serious twice (now thrice) in this comment :D

Firefoxcub said...

Good luck in south india. Call all the boys 'da' and the girls 'di' and eat some curd rice in Tamil Nadu. Are you visiting all four lovely states?

Spikedelik said...

Nice Smelling Deos.... Really??? They exist???

dharmabum said...

bon voyage et bonne chance!