Friday, August 18, 2006

Saw wierd dream, got msg frm Dee at 5.20 am which I managed to read, am surprised by myself..
Even more interesting was what I saw on Vikhroli road and had to put it up..could not resist it at all.. It said
Capsule and Oil
For Man Only

Oh man, wot a freaking cool ad peoples......Wtf is this thing and how can anyone advertise for this like tht!! Exciting stuff I tell ya

Last nite I saw an amazing program on NatGeo called Emerging India...It featured Bombay and was so full of information about the Railways, the Sea Link project, the Metro project and they did all this whole 3-dimensional thing where they showed what was happening and how the project has been envisioned.

The Sea Link especially was an eye opener, how much engineering goes into building and how much thought goes into creation of something like that. Its simply astounding (sorry cannot stop using adjectives!) Pls to be seeing program if it comes back at any time..

I am going today for Nehoo's engagement..all dressed up and shit..yaarrgh..looking forward to it...:)


shubhada said...

of course...kitli. Anyone wh travels by Central and has half a brain (to see and remember) knows "YASEX -oil and capsule-only for man".

Another popular brand (after Dadar) is Hifi English Speaking Academy.

Makes me nostalgic about the "Baba Bengali" posters which used to be all over the place, before he was arrested.

Manoj said...


Bachelor in Unani Medicine Science, or some shit.
Most phuntastically named degree in Mumbai Uni.