Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I haven't written for days, weeks, years!! Overexaggeration as always but well u get the point...Me has been crazy bizzy for sometime..will be back when I need to be..:) Wot an inane thought! I want to write about so many things:
  • War in Israel- Lebanon
  • Work
  • Life
  • Man
  • Sistah's pharmacy thing
  • Monkey in da house
  • Omkara with Bips being so baddddddddddddd!!
Yes, there is a fucking monkey roaming around my colony and been entering my house, yes my kitchen for the past 2-3 days and that is insanely crazzzeee story but well its true..Madness man, need to call Forest dept to get someone to take it away will do needful as a dutiful daughter!

Brb I hope......:)


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Kirti! A monkey in your house??!!! Thats freaky! I have an old connection with monkeys - a monkey threw a stone on my head wen I was a kid visiting Elephanta...dude...not a fan AT ALL!!! lol

- Sushma

Neha said...

Are you sure it's not just big mirrors where ever you go? :)

anticaps said...

kitsssssssss a MONKEY??? freakin' brilliant, man!

sushma, you sure have a connection with all kinds of animals...mice who chew up phone lines, monkeys who stone you...i love my friends!