Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh man, I have been sick and didn't go into work yesterday..Its a bad feeling when this happens..I am desperate to go to Panchgani and get away from city! I am hoping I am get alrt sooooon...I am better now and at work and I fought with my Mom yest so guess must be good! :)

I read Bips in Sunday TOI who said,"I can give John what his bike cannot!"..Man where do these women come from??? Some other planet I am sure! Wtf totally!!

Man is leaving, I am gng to be left alone, no company to go to CL, hang out in life, go fr drives..beetch I am gng to miss u like mad!! Big hug bastard and hope life works out fr u! :)


anticaps said...

i was busy and then sick too :-) hence the absence. now i'm just nasal. achoo.

jo-ann said...

interesting insights in some of your posts. Look forward to your next post..Thanks for sharing :D