Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Last Dance

Dancing, originally uploaded by Extra Medium.

For years, they had danced perfectly together
Timing, style and rhythm all got down to a tee
They used to shock bystanders
With the way their bodies moved in unison
Swaying to the music

When did the break happen?
A mis-step here and there
When did he start jiving and she waltzing?

Then came that one last time
She moved as if she was part of him
Eternal lovers playing out their parts
He stared into those deep brown eyes
Knowing that the end was in sight

They walked away from each other
Not looking back
A slight hesitation at the final step
Remembering all the years gone by


Anonymous said...

and yet his heart said,
"I've danced with dames having blue coloured eyes,
and I've danced with ones having hair of Gold..
I've danced with dames having eyes so green,
yet its you I want to hold.."

prvn said...


mr bojangles said...

i read it again after a while. and your line, when did he start jiving while she was waltzing - it grows and grows, and goes so well with the imagery on the photo too!