Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities

This is dedicated to Sheri who inspired me to write this.

I found her as I wandered

Lost in the shadows of an alleyway

In her red ghaghra choli

She razzle dazzled

Her red and gold bangles

Shiny lil diamond stud on her nose

Her red bindi struck chords

In my yearning heart

Her shy eyes refused to meet my gaze

A mystery in the making

I found her as I meandered

In the night time

An avenue with no trees

Neon and bright lights surrounded me

She smouldered and struck a pose

Her little red dress showed off more than it should have

Her glossy black eyes promised nothing and everything

She met my gaze head on without faltering

Just being herself – bold and uncompromising


mr bojangles said...

you have described it so well. i can actually see a face.. i suppose everyone would think up their own. but why the title?

Sharninder said...

@Mr. Bojangles: Long story .. but this gist is Kirti and I were having a discussing on Delhi vs. Mumbai and how would we describe each city if it were a Girl ...

Boy said...

Beautiful :)