Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekends n more

I did loads of stuff this weekend :) Friday nite, went to dance class after 2 weeks and I died. 2 hr dance class and buddhi like me..mins total out of breath etc..At 9.20 pm I was begging instructor, please lets stop and go home. All the college kids come fresh and they r like 16 yrs oldness I felt.

Sat afternoon I went to Strand and bought 4 books. Premise sounded damn interesting for all of them. Bought When the Women Come Out to Dance, A Wild Sheep Chase, Mr Phillips, Still Life of a Woodpecker. I didn't know it was a love story - the last book that is :) Dee wanted Egypt book so bought her the book I found which was not coffee table types..

Went to Chowpatty and had Sharmajee's pani puri made Big T style..tingle tingle went my tastebuds with the chilli :) Loved it although could not handle more than 2 of those things before I had meetha pani too. Went forward march to Mondy's from there and had a brilliant time there chugging shandy. Nice end to my evening with a bike ride back home.

Sunday afternoon lunch at S's was divine. Crab curry, ate crab for the first time in my life. Had to fite with my food to get to it but was assured that end result would be good so continued on valiantly. Yummy dessert followed- chocolate mousse and fruit salad in custard (Lip smacking ensued)

Went to NCPA to watch my first Western classical music concert. Loved it. :D Was a bootiful concert. F told us when we shd clap and when we should not. Violinist was splendid too, bloddy splendid I mite add :) Went to Bachelors after this and had the most awesome ice cream - chilli wala and then fresh strawberries and cream - total yumminess incarnate! Came back home and slept like a baby and back to Monday grind again.

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