Thursday, February 28, 2008

The want doesn't diminish

I feel ache, desire, loneliness

The mixture is potent

Conflagration imminent

Making the peace is never easy

Sometimes I rail against the world for giving options that are not easy

Why should there be difficult choices?

Complex and complicated are on the same page

Complex is as complex was

Words strung together

Steel grey to a mild cherise

Colours depict our emotions

No rest for the wicked mind

Early deaths for the chosen ones

The mild winter gloom is dissipating

I feel enlivened with the rage

It dances in my mind like a pixie

The garden of life is not in bloom

She fades with the night time into nothingness

I want to feel at home

I want to sleep under the stars

I want to make my peace

I want my choices to make me


soulasylum said...

I love the line "I want to feel at home"...
Your poem displays a range of emotions...and sometimes one goes through phases like that. You will get through will make the right choices. Knowing you, that is what will happen:)

Anonymous said...

lovely have crafted it beautifully...we all have the same kind of feeling at different points of time!