Friday, January 04, 2008

The Journey

When man loses sight of who he is

Disappears under a rubble of thought

Trifles and baubles they rule

Profoundity lost

Who am I? Traits, thoughts, emotions?

I make a stew for myself of these

And slurp it down real quick

The warmth lingers

Makes me happy

The mixture sometimes is not right

I lose myself and wander away

The road is far and I am slow

I fall down occasionally and break some bones

It hurts but I return to follow my path

The destination is close

I ache with that sure knowledge

It will come to me as surely as the sun rises

I must hurry

I see first light...

1 comment:

soulasylum said...

Absolutely loved it:) very inspiring and full of hope. A reflection of a person who is not afraid to take risk, not afraid to fall, nor pick up the pieces. So you:)