Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am here but don't know what to say it when it happens. I was going to be full of witty sayings and shit I had to read abt in the newspapers..Stray thoughts pop up and I am going to write about what I can remember what I had to write how garbled can I be!! To think I say communication skils are one of my strong pts..fucking hell it is totally!

Was home early on Monday and did normal things. Went looking for my new fone and found and I be buying it this week, perhaps today itself. 6020 it being..wheee..spending a load of money on oneself is scary..5000 bucks just going away like that on something material I desire..niceness :)

I read the newspapers after a long time, cover to cover, back to back..was fucking awesome catching up on news. 9/11 was all over of course but apart from that, something else I read about stands out in my head..This woman with her 4 kids decided to immolate herself in front of the UP said she wasn't allowed to do so..I mean yeh ok, wot next? She was protesting brutal treatment from her cop husband! Can you imagine that...I mean she is so fucked up that she needs to fucking burn herself and her children so that someone notices..Its like a story untold..

I wanted to know what would happen next..would she survive? What happened to her kids? What happened to her husband? Wtf man..wot kinda fucking country do we live in?

This morning coming back from my run, I saw a man peeing in the gutter. Common enough occurence you would say, I felt sad, this man had no dignity even for doing something as basic as peeing..women all over rural India don't have proper toilets to do morning ablutions..blooddy wot country I am living in...

Last week was the most hellish week I have had in da job. Bad motherfucking sheet it was..Died and was reborn again..7 days I put in for that fucking NFL to go on production and without Shilpi, Payal,Rameet's help would have been fucking unthinkable....Madnesss it was...reminded of me pre-launch days.

I have been having a good social life these past 2-3 weeks and my fucking bank balance is going bonkers..bastard raise diya aur yehi haal hota hai..But daru is good for soul and heart and I started running wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..O n O from me, enuf blathering today...

Hope weekend is good...:)

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Manoj said...

First para- Writers block. "We've all been through it" in my pseudo-Elvis voice

Second Para- Retail therapy. The only known cure for many kinds of anxieties and some depression. It's all good, so far.

Third Para- Life in the "Des". Love it, loathe it. Stays the same.

Fourth para- Its a nice place. Weird shite happens everywherel all the time.

Fifth para- Men have smaller bladders. FACT.

Sixth para- What cant kill you... and all that.

Seventh para- Wino or some shite posing as Nemeroff?

Eight para- It will go well.

Missing CL :-(