Friday, March 09, 2012

The future

was blank. Like a slate waiting to be written on. Such a cliche really. But then cliches make the world go round. She stood waiting at the bus stop, garbed in her trademark red coat and black scarf. It was 8.40 in the morning and the bus was due to arrive in the next five minutes. The wind hurtled around her, chilling her even further.

The fight from last night stuck in her head like a song on a loop. He had yelled, was almost abusive. She had felt lately that they were drifting apart. He had no time for her anymore. She on the other hand, kept traveling on work. But what of Sasha? Sasha was her darling. How would she be able to give her up?

The bus arrived. She walked into the bus. It lurched forward before settling into a smooth rhythm, pleasing her agitated mind. She would decide and soon, she thought.

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