Thursday, July 14, 2011


Lady in elevator with twin girls in a pram: Konnichiwa
Me: Konnichiwa (stealing glances at the very cute girls)
Lady: Atsui desu ne (Hot innit?)
Me: Hai, so desu (Yes indeed)
Lady: Garbled question which I translated in my head as (Is it as hot as where you are from?)
Me: Dochira mo atsui desu (Both places are equally hot)
Lady: Ahhh (The Japanese are big on exclamations :))...Doko de (where the hell is this that you are talking about)....(trailing off)
Me: Indo de (In India)

Elevators clinks to a stop...end of conversation.


mr bojangles said...

too much! and i haven't learnt a single word in kannad!

Spikedelik said...

So proud of you! :)

Shalini said...


Shahana said...

You learned Japanese very well.

ying said...