Monday, February 21, 2011

A very long time back

The Taj, originally uploaded by KittyKaht.

My city burnt like never before, like not even during those ghastly riots of '93. I hurt, I cried and I was angry. Someone had dared to come to my home and decided to rape my essence.

Today, I hear news that the one living perpetrator of this attack has finally been sentenced to death. And I don't feel much really. Was it really so long back that I drank like never before to forget and try and make peace with what had been done...

It was a sacrilege that was committed against my city. But we found the will to move on, to my surprise, au contraire to what I said before and work towards a better tomorrow. Look at the commitment of the Taj management towards restoring that lovely hotel and looking after their staff so well!

Life does cast its shadows. Kasab is a shadow that is best dead. I said that before, I will say that again. Democracy or no democracy, a man who commits evil deeds like that deserves to die.

I miss my home, more than ever now that I am in a different home of my own making. Reading this sort of kickstarted that feeling. You realise that there are still things left to do, many more trains to clamber into and experience your city at its fullest.

Viva La Bombay - she will always be a Queen in my eyes :)

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quaintkal said...

hugs for you, K :)