Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The one 'where we hear Tenzing's life story'

8th October 2009. 7.00 am start for Yumthang Valley - no flowers if you please so we go to see an empty valley but the Teesta was flowing away merrily.

But first, the almost visit to the hot springs. T and me found a path and decided to follow it. We asked a local passing by where it led. He said 'Hot springs'. So we followed and entered these magical woods where there were wooden bridges made of tree bark, the path was made of marble and granite and the fall colours all around us. Pretty reds, oranges and yellows.

Wooden bridge with marble path

Fall leaves

We eventually ended up at a swaying footbridge over which I was petrified to walk over but did it saying lets do this in my head like a zillion times. I looked straight ahead and sort of forged ahead.

Gave up on the springs and walked back towards the Valley. The river beckoned and we headed towards it. Stunning mountainous landscape around us.

Heard there were landslides happening across the way and made a quick exit to Lachung. Had lunch at 11.30 almost immediately on our return, had a shower and left.

We heard from Tenzing today that he is a father of a two year old son called Pinchoe. Tenzing is 23 years old!! He bought the Maxx for himself when he was 17, got married when he was 19 and has been driving tourists around for the last 6 years! He is such an enterprising fellow and knows everyone on the road. Told T that Tenzing would definitely own a travel agency of his own in the next five years for sure!

Ended back in Gangtok by 6ish, early dinner again. Tomorrow we do our last bit of shopping and head towards NJP to catch the 'Darjeeling Mail'

PS: We met Pinchoe after we entered Gangtok. Tenzing was sweet enough to introduce us to his lil kid. He of course brought out all my maternal instincts :D

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