Monday, July 06, 2009

Almost a month back, something nice happened in my life. I finally thought I had the chance to grab some happiness that came along my way. I am a well adjusted human being (most times) and to find myself in a situation where I thought my time had come made me very happy.

Yet surprisingly or should I say like always, life decided it was not to be and then came the hurt, anger, surprise. When does it happen that you give one person so much control over your life that one call or message manages to make you doubt your own decisions made with implicit trust and faith?

I am not over it and don’t expect to be anytime soon. I keep thinking about it, get maudlin and realize the need to move on. It is important that I do – I recognize that too. Just that the ‘why’ question hasn’t left me. Don’t think it will leave me for sometime. My peace hasn’t been made yet...turning 28 for instance helped me de-focus from the hurt and made me ask more important questions related to career and life.

Anyways time will pass, the hurt will heal, the usual clich├ęs apply I guess. One of the nice things have been that I have made firm travel plans to travel to East India this year – Cal – Darjeeling – Sikkim in Sept, something I am quite looking forward to doing. Friends might come or not come – will go anyways immaterial of that happening. Last year proved to me that I could go my way and things worked out. Luck will hold out this year as well I am sure :)

Here’s to me and my happiness this year ….


Shalini said...

You've got the right attitude Kits, just keep on focusing on the good things and forget about the bad! Time will make things better and help you realize that in the end it was all for the best. September in the east sounds really great.

Anonymous said...

to happiness..and to a great E.India trip *clink* and a HUG :)

mr bojangles said...

haan.. it's akin to how one gets tired and exhausted after walking for a long long while.. the heart too needs to recuperate; rest and caring and time above all. take care baba.