Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last day at Hampi

Very fits and jerks start with RG suddenly getting up at 6.30 am and like saying, “Let’s go.” Thoda henh moment so early in the morning. Anyways we had good brekkie – masala dosa fro me and butter toast for RG. RG loves reading newspaper in morning, so of course he ended up reading the menu in desperation in lieu of his morning newspaper. :)

I really really wanted a coracle ride but it was nigh impossible as the ‘boat riders’ were away voting in their villages. Bloddy elections! So we saw Kondarama temple instead and then proceeded forward to the Royal Enclosure.

Walked and walked and it was flaming hot on top of that! For some reason, today was hotter than yesterday. We saw this Krishna temple in such a dilapidated state! Then to see the Ugra Narasimha, the iconic statue of Hampi. Boss, this statue was huge and I mean huge – 6.7 mts in ht.

Then took a rick towards the Royal Enclosure. We had contemplated walking and a man on bike had said 1.5 km but I have come to realise distances in the South are a lot, with the locals estimating a different distance and time taken to cover said distance a whole lot differently from you. We saw the Underground Siva temple that smelled of pee. There were water channels flowing into the inner sanctum

From here we walked towards the Hazararama Temple. Wondrous, bootiful carvings – all of Rama and his life. I loved this place and thanks to RG got the chance to see it (I wasn’t very keen on going in earlier). Then decided wanted to see the Queen’s Bath and kept wandering towards it. We saw the Mahanavami Dibba which was this gigantic ritual platform at Hampi used by the royals. Walked further to the see the Queen’s Bath – a very uninspiring building except for this

Decided it was time we made our way back towards proper Hampi. We started walking on the road and were posing for the perfect snap with the gulmohars when the bus going towards Hampi came barrelling towards us. Hopped on the bus and went to Mango Tree for lunch. Had curd rice and watermelon salad followed by Mixed Fruit juice..yum yum yummy..

Went back towards the rooms to rest before RG left. Time flew and well he left. I left almost within a hour of his leaving. Bus to Hospet cost 10 bucks and lovely scenery on the way. Noticed the Indians staring at the only phirang couple on the bus.

The whole day RG and I kept avoiding desis. Wherever desis turned up there would be noise, yelling, bloody mobile music turned on and talking loudly on the fone. We seem to be incapable of less noise or respectful silences.

The bus broke down at Hospet luckily some kms away from the train station. The phirang couple got down and decided to walk with me towards the train station. We started walking and I got introduced to Josh and Morgan in the process. They were from England and are going to teach art at ‘The School’ in Chennai. This is part of the Krishnagiri Schools based in and around S.India offering an alternative system of education.

We stopped by for a bite (thank God for that as el stupeedo train doesn’t have a pantry) and chatted some more. Very nice people and I hope we get the chance to meet again.

Reached station in time for the train and writing these words at my seat. Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation in Bangalore. Going to catch up with old friends and do shopping for my amma.

Three cheers to travelling alone in S.India – here’s to more of it (hic)

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