Monday, August 04, 2008

Day 5 - Still at Puducherry

I am back blogging about my trip which happened like 6 zillion years back or so it seems. Excuse my laziness ..

Back in Auroville, a very lazy day develops.... Slept for 10 straight hours and got up to do brekkie, shower and then ironing. After a long time I did ironing and it felt nice to do such a mundane household chore.

Went to Matrimandir which I could only view from the outside. The next time apparently I can go inside the Meditation Room. Matrimandir is this golden spherical orb which is still under construction.

I saw an exhibition and a video on Matrimandir and the architecture inside sounds absolutely amazing. Am already planning a trip back to Auroville in the monsoons- let’s see how that plan works out. (Dear reader, this plan hasn't worked out)

My ass hurt too much because of the freaking bicycle and I mean it really hurt :( So in the evening I walked around instead of cycling. It was pleasantly hot compared to the previous days. Watched a bootiful sunset and I thanked God for the moment. How loverly it looked with the trees whispering to each other because of the breeze.

Dinner tonight was comparable to Gulmohar. To those who came in late Gulmohar is the official caterer of my ex-company. Dinner consisted of Hakka noodles, fried gobi, boiled beans, omelette, salad and a huge chunk of watermelon. Khana could best be described as eclectic :)

Have to get up at 4.15 am tomorrow morning to catch the 5.00 am bus to Salem. Am visiting Salem to find my ancestral home there. I hope I do and luck stays with me for this trip.

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dharmabum said...

was just gonna ask u about the south india trip, and here i see quite a few posts!

well, auroville is beatiful, and has a wonderful vision behind it. but like all other elevated visions, it has lost its path along the way, now mired in all sorts of controversies. those apart, i also felt that the 'firang' gets preferential treatment there, specially when it comes to us locals.

thanks for sharing. off to read up about salem now :)