Friday, June 06, 2008

Rains bring back memories. This time last year, I was in a relationship. My father was in a hospital. I managed to avoid spending my birthday at the hospital. I walked in the rains with my boyfriend holding hands under a gigantic rainbow coloured umbrella. When the rains ended so did my relationship…it was bittersweet.

Rains make my city beautiful. Town looks absolutely gorgeous. The statues look clean and everything looks reborn. The buildings look rain drenched, the surroundings look green. I have missed working in town especially when I see these sights.

Walking in the rain during my college days. Knee length water, waterproof bags, at some point the pretence of protection leaves us. I love the feeling when the rains lash my face. They sting it, the water pure until it touches the ground. The wind blows against my hair and I feel chilled and the only thing that resolves this is chai at home with my amma making hot tiffin to go with it.

However much we crib about the kheechad and the flooding, an intrinsic part of us is overwhelmed with the feelings that come over us when the monsoons come visiting. We want to have that garam chai with the pakoras – standard Mumbai rains desire. What would this season be without the buttawala and his cart and having masalafied corn?

Driving to Pune in the rains brings with it its own set of nostalgic memories. Green as much as the eye can see. Fog, mist and lovely scenery. Stopping at the Food Mall and having vadapav – again standard thing to do but with the rains, it becomes imbued with more meaning.

This season will bring love, joy and laughter for me. I can feel myself smiling already…


dharmabum said...

i remember riding in the rains a couple of years ago. it was a long ride, lasted 10 days. sometimes i would get cold, towards the evenings, and my little flask would come to rescue :)

J said...

It shows how much you love rains. Thank you for leaving that comment on my blog and ramya's too :) Maybe it is your way of appreciating rains...more than what you already do! Rains and memories? :)...the day rains is a task to keep memories and feelings from overwhelming. They invariably do! Rains are b e a u t i f u l.

meow said...

Kitty u love the rains & it shows :)

Hope the rains bring you all the joy in ur life.

I have a love-hate relationship with the rains, love the greenery, cool breezes, misty rains on my face...hat e the keechad, dirty water puddles, cars spraying it on you. But i guess one can't get the one without the other in bombay :D