Monday, November 05, 2007

I want to be a character in a book

Walk through green valleys and carpets of red n yellow flowers

I want to be able to fly without wings

Yet I am earthbound as can be

I want to lead an electric life

Flashing blue n violet and every sign of the neon there is

I want to arch like a red arrow against the blue sky

Yet am strung back by ties

Creep into the red hazy sun

Walk into the light

Yet shadows play around me

In the death throes of the evening

I gather my courage n

Step out with the chinks in my armour visible

Waiting to be enveloped into loving arms


Neha said...

aahh how beautifully you write!

P said...

Beautiful words :)

What inspires?

Kits said...

I was itching to write. I was talking to a friend. Phrases playing around in my head. It came together :)

soulasylum said...

amazing words to go along with an amazzing photograph:)

Spikedelik said...

Love the wonderful contrast in the last stanza...Captivating!